Come checkout the Midwest SugarCRM user group meeting and hackathon on June 3rd

Technology Advisors, a Three-Star Platinum Partner of SugarCRM, will be hosting the Midwest SugarCRM User Group Meeting at the Park Ridge Country Club on Tuesday, June 3rd, from 8:30 AM – Noon. The user group meeting is free and breakfast will be served. There will be presentations on new products and upgrades from SugarCRM, Net-Results, and Dun & Bradstreet, as well as networking opportunities with other Sugar users from the Chicago area.

Net-Results’ marketing automation software and Dun & Bradstreet’s commercial information and business insight software are both products with Sugar integration. SugarCRM will be presenting their new integration with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, and also the upgrade schedules for on-demand and on-premise customers. Technology Advisors will be presenting their Advanced Support Manager, a module that enhances the existing customer support features in Sugar.

In addition to the User Group in the morning, Technology Advisors will be hosting a Hackathon at their headquarters the afternoon of June 3rd, with lunch starting at 12:30. The Hackathon will involve technical work on any projects attendees wanted to create, with Technology Advisors’ experienced team of Sugar developers. Registrants can attend one or both of the Hackathon and SugarCRM User Group Meeting.


Slides posted from my talk at PHPNW

Thanks everyone for coming to my “Developing Deployable PHP Applications” at talk at the PHPNW 2010 Conference. I had a great turnout and good feedback, and good feedback to take back to SugarCRM.

My slides are now available on slideshare, and you can rate my talk at Thanks again to the PHPNW Conference committee for having me

LinuxTag 2010 wrap-up

As I get ready to head to OSCON tomorrow, I almost forgot about to post about LinuxTag 2010 last month which I gave my “SugarCRM – Your next business application framework” talk. I posted a wrap-up piece over on the Sugar Developer Blog about the event, talking about my talk as well as the keynote given by SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin. It was a great trip, I was able to visit the city and got to meetup with several SugarCRM partners, as well as fellow PHPer Pierre Joye. Thanks to the LinuxTag crew for the invite and for putting on a terrific show.

For those of you in Portland this week, be sure to stop by my session at 5:20pm on Thursday in Portland 251 to learn about what we at SugarCRM have done to enable our application to be deployed on multiple different stacks. And I look forward to meeting up with anyone in the Sugar community that will be at the event.

Speaking at OSCON – “Developing Easily Deployable PHP Applications”

I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be speaking at OSCON this year, debuting a new and exciting talk “Developing Easily Deployable PHP Applications“. Read more about it on my announcement on the Sugar Developer Blog.

OSCON is my favorite conference to go to; I’ve attended twice in the past and always have been blown away by the vast open source community that comes out to participate. It was also one of the first conferences I ever attended, waaaay back in 2005, so it’s rather surreal to now be speaking here. Plus, it’s in Portland, and who doesn’t like Portland :-). I look forward to meeting up with fellow Sugar, PHP, and open source community members there…

Making software management tools work for you – see it at

Coming this March, I’ll be premiering a new at entitled “Making software management tools work for you“.

The inspiration for this talk came from seeing soo many talks about using the gazillion different tools out there, from version control and bug tracking to project planning and collaboration. Each talk does a great job at introducing the tool and talking about how it works. The big void I hope to fill is to how to evaluate and develop your processes, and then how to pick the right tools to make support your process. I’m going to draw on experiences I’ve had in working with different types of team, and hope to illustrate that there is no “silver bullet” of management tools, but rather that tools should compliment the process your team has in order to achieve true efficiency.

Be sure to register by January 22 to get in on the early-bird $200 of offer. Big thanks to the organizers of the conference for accepting my talk; I’m really excited to hear the feedback from it.