A few more conferences I’ll be at soon…

I’m excited to announce two more conference stops for me this spring!

First, is my return to POSSCON in Columbia, SC, at the end of March on the 28th and 29th. I’ll be doing a great talk and live demo on building an application on the Sugar platform, but the big draw for this show is to see our very own CEO and Open Source legend Larry Augustin keynoting on ‘Open Source – Now and in the Future‘. He’s a great speaker and comes with amazing insight from someone who helped coined the term back in the 90’s. Plus, as a conference POSSCON is top notch, with a great array of speakers representing the best of open source catering to making it work in the business world.

Then, I’ll make a trip over the pond in mid April for the inaugural Whisky Web conference in Edinburgh, UK. I had a chance to meet the organizers back at PHPBenelux in January, and I must say they won me over with the promise of free whiskey ;-).

But seriously, for a one day conference the content and speaker list is excellent. I’m grateful to be one of them, debuting a new talk on “Lessons Learned From Testing Legacy Code”, where I’ll hopefully give some good advice on making that crazy legacy app you’ve been thrown into not fight you from trying to make it testable.

Look forward to meeting up with friends and colleagues at these two events upcoming, as well as meeting new faces as well.


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