Hey Delta, is it this hard to find an iPad?

So this post is a bit of a rant more than anything, so for the three regular readers of this blog feel free to skip over this post. I promise to make this foray a brief one.

I made a blunder on my flight home from Atlanta to Akron/Canton Airport a few weeks ago; I left my lovely, SugarCRM logo and my name engraved iPad safely in it’s case in the seat pocket of seat 3A. D’oh!

I realized this the moment I got home, and being a bit of a snow storm decided it not prudent to risk life and limb to return to the airport. Calling the airport informing them of this, they took my name and number as said they would ask the Delta desk about this. Being my self driven self, I started tracing the plane, and saw it was doing a CAK-ATL-CAK-ATL-OMA run that day, so figured it would end up in one of CAK, ATL, or OMA ( Omaha for those who aren’t as familiar with airport codes ).

So I went back to the airport at CAK, and they didn’t have it ( but had another iPad someone lost on a plane ), and called OMA, which didn’t see it either. My guess is that it’s in ATL, but low and behold, THERE IS NO NUMBER TO CALL ABOUT DELTA LOST AND FOUND AT ATLANTA. That’s right, nobody to call and ask, nor anyone I could be transfered to that will call there and ask. What do they want you to do? Fill out a web form and hope for the best. Which I did, and all I am left with is hope :-(.

So my call to the blogosphere and twittersphere is this: short of going down to Atlanta and stalking the Lost and Found desk, who can I call to help me.


53 thoughts on “Hey Delta, is it this hard to find an iPad?

  1. sorry about your iPad; something similar happened to my Bose headphones a few months ago.
    Most airlines only offer a voice mailbox or fax number or email address for lost items – it sometimes takes time to find and identify an item, and they probably do want to protect their employees from people calling every 30 minutes 😉
    Given that your item does have some value, I am afraid the same thing might have happened as with my headphones: either the cleaning crew or the next passenger were happy to keep them. Still hope you’ll eventually get the item back!

  2. Thanks Christian. My only hope is the engravings on the back make it stand out and make someone feel it is secretly being tracked by SugarCRM ;-).

    But yeah, I do get why having a call line for an airport with over 1000 departures on Delta alone a day could be a bit overwhelming, but I was really hoping my Diamond status could come in handy here in getting a few favors. Guess not :-(.

  3. Unfortunately the same thing happened to me on a Delta flight. I have emailed Delta multiple times with no response. I was hoping to find on line somebody who had had success retrieving their valuables from Delta. I was told the crew checked “every seat” after “every destination”! If that is true then they could have easily found it. Mine is also engraved & easily identifiable. Good luck!

  4. So I wanted to give everyone an update on a happy ending to this story….

    I am on my way back home thru ATL, so I took an earlier connection flight from RDU so I would have time to take a visit to the Delta ATL Lost and Found. Headed over to the SP Baggage Service counter, where the nice agent took the serial number of my iPad and made a call down to Lost and Found. Low and behold, it was there! I went over to Lost and Found to claim it, and now it’s sitting next to me in the T7 Sky Club charging back up.

    So a few lessons I learned in the process:

    – Don’t forget you iPad on an airplane ( pretty obvious now 😉 )
    – Keep a record of the serial number of your devices, as this is how ATL tracks the items. For Apple products, once you register it you can find it pretty easily in the ‘My Support Profile’ page ( Google around for links to it ). Also, when submitting a L&F claim form, be sure to include the serial number for you device.
    – Apple does have a way to let law enforcement track your device being registered by someone else, so do a police report and then the officer can report it to Apple. Again, it only comes up on their radar if it’s been re-activated by someone else.
    – Lock your iPad down, and if it’s a Wifi one put a few common AP names in it ( like Linksys and Belkin ) which give it more chances to call home.
    – Going to the L&F in person is much more effective than over the phone or the web form. If you think your device made it to ATL, go there to find it.

    Thanks again to everyone for your help and advice, I truly appreciate it.

    1. what does AP name mean? We have waited 6 weeks with no response from Delta…also medallion status…I am beginning to feel like Delta does not take care of its customers.

    2. Hi John,

      I had to laugh when I saw your link pop up — so, a few years later from your incident and mine was almost an exact episode. Apparently, things have not changed. In September 2015 I traveled from Atlanta to Stuttgart — made the huge mistake of leaving my child’s 3DSxl in the front pocket of seat 23F. We realized it after leaving the Stuttgart airport and heading about 2hrs south. We filed a report with Delta. For the two weeks we remained in Germany, we received all kinds of messages from the Delta “lost & recovery committee” assuring us they were doing everything they could to find it, and take these matters seriously, etc etc. A semi-final message one week later informing us that after a week of searching they were pretty sure it would not be recovered but would confirm this by a closure email in one more week.
      Upon re-entering the Stuttgart Airport two weeks later, to catch our departing flight back to the States, on a whim I decided to check the Lost & Found at the airport. I described the DS (electric blue, with a charm hanging from one side). It took the woman less than 30-seconds to disappear behind a door and reappear, holding the DS in her hand. She said, No, they had heard from nobody at Delta Airlines and there were no notes or instruction to forward the DS to a home address, etc.
      Can’t say enough about the competence of the Lost & Recovery Committee, but I do think I should be paid this time around for doing my own sleuthing and successfully recovering customer property. 😉 Lesson learned, you are right — do not leave your items on the plane. Period. I am also Diamond status… sigh…. today 11/20/2015, I received my final notice that they have given up looking for the lost DS and the “case was closed”. Thanks for sharing… CSH

  5. Hi, John. Unfortunately I just had a similar experience like you (however, you retrieved your ipad, congratulations!).

    I left my Sony laptop on the plane during a Delta flight from Detroit to Washington Reagan last night. I didn’t notice 😦 that until I got back to my apartment in College Park, Maryland.

    I completed a “lost item form” on Delta’s website. They said they would contact me if they find my laptop. However, there is no tracking system for the lost item. All I can do is wait, wait, and wait. So I went to the Delta Baggage Service in Washington Reagan and was told “no laptop here”. (I’m typing these words in Reagan airport right now)

    I thought there might be certain possibilities that the cleaning crew didn’t find the laptop (I put it on the seatback and it’s quite thin), then my laptop took another flight with the aircraft. I met a nice guy at the front desk and he told me the aircraft I took was landed at Atlanta one hour ago, so I tried to contact Atlanta airport for my lost laptop. No one answers. The lost&found website doesn’t work either.

    I was desperate, so I tried google and found your post. May I ask if you have any numbers of the crew members in the lost&found office (Atlanta) that I can contact directly with? Thank you very much for your experience, it helps me a lot!

    1. Sorry to hear about your iPad loss as well. My situation seems all too familar, as I also was all the way home and then thought “Crap! I left my iPad on the plane!”.

      As I found out the annoying way, there is no direct number for L&F in Atlanta. Your best bet with Atlanta lost and found is to physically go to the Atlanta airport, exit security, and head to the Delta baggage office across from the baggage carosels. Make sure you have your serial number for your iPad for them to look it up by, as that’s the only way they cross reference the iPads by.

      Don’t fear, as they said there are over 100 iPads in L&F in Atlanta at any given time, so there’s a good chance it made it’s way there. Best of luck to you!

      1. Thx a lot! However, what I lost is a laptop, and I didn’t remember its serial number (its printed on the back of it). OMG. Anyway, thank you for your advice! 🙂

  6. I left my dslr camera on a flight. I am now attempting to get it back. I have very little hope. The only positive is that I can now buy a new camera if I can’t find my old one. I pity those who lose something that is of great value to them. I am glad that I can afford to replace my camera and that it didn’t have something valuable on it like honeymoon photos. Delta really stinks in this regard. Hardly anyone gets their stuff back.

  7. March 14, 2013 Lost my black carrier on baggoing from imgration elevator to the transit train, It has old shoes blowdryer Cancun Mexico broshures, old make up, Books and some gives my handicalp son purchase for himself, also my car keys. Please if you found it, return it to Delta and God Blessed.

  8. I managed to leave a tablet on Alaska and filled out their form. Over a month went by and they had finally gotten it through the system to finally call me. It may take a long time

  9. Seems that nothing has changed. My grandson left his iPod in the seat pocket. He remembered while they were still at the airport and the supervisor refused to call and and check the seat pocket though the plane was still there. Seems a bit mean to make him fill out a form and then there is no way to check what happened. Did anyone get anything returned ?

  10. I lost my Smartphone- Samsung Galaxy Note- at Raleigh somewhere between TSA and Delta Gate today for a flight to Memphis, (eventually SLC). I called TSA RDU Coordination Center where you can call within the first 24 hours: (919) 468-4053 but they had no record of a phone turned in. They gave me a backline to RDU police lost and found. Police open m-f, 8-5. Call lost and found at (919) 840-7553 and wait till after noon for them to clear weekend/evening stuff.
    Hope this helps someone, I’m having no luck so far. Hope you all get your items back!

  11. We left an Ipad in seatback pocket of Seat 2A on a 757 between DTW and LAS back on 3/12/13. Called and not found at airport. Went to the airport since Delta’s system is horrible. We have filed 4 claims a day since then complete with Serial Number of unit (2 colors and 2 destinations) with nothing from Delta. We check the status daily on the Ipad and it has not been turned on since it was placed in the pocket back in March. So much for being a preferred customer!

    1. We had a connection through ATL yesterday and went to Delta L&F only to be told that items are sent to a different location not at the airport. Gave us another telephone number which of course just told you to file an online claim. No luck at ATL plus when we got to PVD found they had demolished one of our bags.

    1. This number is for the Atlanta Airport lost and found, not Delta. They gave 2 numbers both which have recordings wanting you to use the online claim form.

  12. we lost a panasonic camera under the seat of the Delta Airline with the tail number N695DL on the 10. July. Our flight was from Las Vegas to the JFK Airport. I wrote to different Airports the airplane flew next and also to JFK. I filled in the Delta web form but of course didn’t hear anything. I did also different calls 3 days long. nothing. Do you have any idea what I can do now? is there any possibility to contact the different Delta lost and founds?

  13. We will be changing flights with a layover in ATL at the end of the month. I plan to go to the L&F to see if our Ipad is there. LAS told us that they did not have it and everything they had found had been sent to ATL. I’ll post how that goes there.

  14. After reading the above comments I am not as hopeful in the finding and returning of a Canon power shot camera with 125 photos of a trip to England and France. I left it on Flight 242 from Paris to Boston on August 2.

    1. Doug: If you can get to who handles L&F at Logan plus keep filing the online reports especially if you have a serial number for the camera. I think my old RI driver’s license is still inside a ticket counter at the old USAir when it vanished while paying to take a pet west with us! Made for fun times with TSA….

  15. I lost my iPad on a Delta flight too! I know it’s at ATL because it’s been a month and I’ve gotten Apple to confirm that the only Apple ID registered to my iPad’s serial number is my own. I would go down to ATL but i live in San Fran, CA. If anyone is ever in ATL and feels like doing a random act of kindess i’d love it!

    1. Elise… I left my small wallet (duh!) in the seatback pocket of a StL to ATL flight on Tuesday (20 AUG 13). I found this blog while I was trying (in vain) to find more info on how to track the flights forward destinations. In short… I’m headed back through ATL next Tuesday and plan to stop by the baggage service center to check for my wallet. I’d be happy to claim your iPad and return it to you if you pay the postage. Maybe if I do a good deed for you, someone will return the kindness and return my wallet to me. :0) Contact me if you like…

    1. Johnny: the lost and found website that you refer to sounds good. They offer to refund their fee that is paid up front, if they do not find the lost item. My concern is, will they follow through on that. Doug

  16. There is an almost zero percent chance of retrieving any item lost on Delta airlines. It’s is clear that the management of Delta Airlines does not have any effective process to ensure that their cleaners and staff do not steal items picked up from any aircraft. Very shameful!!!!!

  17. Earlier today I flew from Atlanta to Syracuse on flight 4876 which left at 9:30 AM when I realized I left my ipad mini in the flight I immediately went back to the Syracuse Airport but was told that the flight had left back to Atlanta and there was nothing I can do. I have placed the ipad in lost mode from my iphone but it cannot be located because it is on airplane mode from when I had it on the flight. I have a feeling my iPad is in Atlanta but after reading the posts above I have very little hope. Unfortunately I go to school in Syracuse and doubt I will ever be flying through atlanta again 😦 … any suggestions? I’m dying here, my ipad was only 2 weeks old!

  18. All of sudden, I remember my camera that was lost last year 2 August in the airplane when my husband and I took the flight back from Alaska. Inside the camera bag has the receipt of the car rental that was with all our personal information. Eg, phone number and address, etc also, It’s not just the camera, it was our honeymoon trip pictures with all the unforgettable memories. When I thought of it today, it still hurt me so much. It was a connection flight from Alaska airport to LA, eventually the flight was to Zürich. We had filed the airport Lost and found for twice. Whenever I call the delta airline, it’s always with the machine replies. I also filed the report and paid the fees for this airport lost and found company (http://www.airportlostandfound.com) however there’s no news till now, I wrote several emails to them and no ones reply me. Called them but no one answer. I was so desperately with seemingly no one can really help me!
    I was really disappointed with the airline and also the airportlostandfound company. Can anyone tell me is there any ways that I can contact them? Thanks for your help, it really means a lot to me for those pictures.

  19. I have endured two similar experiences with delta’s customer no service for articles lost on a plane. Did you know Delta outsources its plane cleaning requirements? Best I can tell the odds are slim and none that our articles ever were taken to lost and found.

    But if they did go there, Delta only has one person working the list of claims. You might try the unclaimed baggage store in scottsboro alabama … Delta probably already sold it to them.

    Here’s the phone number if you still want to call them though … 800-325-8224

  20. I am also realizing that the plane cleaning business is a game of losers weepers. What a scam. I asked the gate attendant to please ask a flight attendant to retrieve my $230 Maui Jim sunglasses only to be shut down,” I am not going to do .” There are in the pocket in 1D, i just got off the plane and made immediate report. Good find for a cleaning crew or gate attendant. All avenues of recourse were quickly routed to the eather. claim made, timed out , claim forgotten. ” We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.” Even when it is delta employees or contractors, doing the stealing. Nice racket.

  21. I left my iPad mini in the back seat of a flight 2 wks ago. Someone actually found it and called me as I had my number in case of the iPad. They said they gave it to a flight attendant and watched as he walked of off the plane and handed it to the gate manager. Yet, somehow, delta cannot locate my item. I’m going to the airport today to see if I can locate it myself. Delta is useless and cares less about helping people get back their items, especially when they’ve been found. Ugh!

  22. I just lost my Nikon d600 camera plus another expensive lens on a delta flight from salt lake city to JFK. I left it in the overhead luggage bin and I’ve called every number I can find plus filled out the online form. I can’t replace the equipment or the pictures from a very meaningful family trip, is there anything else I can do to try and find it?

  23. I am typing this on my iPad, which Delta shipped to me after I left it on a plane in Minneapolis on the evening of January 21, 2015. I used the web form with serial number and case description, but had very little faith that I’d ever see it again. They sent me a couple of standard, “we’re looking for your item” emails, then 6 days later notified me they found it and would ship if I verified address and provided a FeEx account. From tracking its Fedex trip, I saw that its journey began in Madison, Alabama. I, too, was frustrated at not having a number to call, but now believe that their automated process actually works! (I did a remote content wipe, but because I have an unlock access code, the battery was exhausted and nobody tried to use it, I really wouldn’t have have had to wipe it, but it was worth the hassle of wipe-and-restore for peace of mind.)

    1. I am on the same boat, I finally got an email asking for my FedEx account. How long did it take fore you get it after you provided that?

      1. I left my iPad in Detroit and actually spoke with a delta redcoat employee that found it. He said that their policy is to now ship everything directly to this place in Alabama so he actually didn’t have it in his possession anymore. But that was on the 27th and I have yet to get any email about a fedex account…

        Could you please let me know how much time lapsed between you filing the lost report and getting that email? Thanks so much!

  24. I left my iPhone on a connecting flight in the seat pocket. I immediately told my new flight attendants who directed me to the online black hole that is Delta’s lost and found. I pinpointed exactly where the phone was hours after my flight, seat number, color, everything. Haven’t heard a peep, and it’s been 7 full days. I have 7 more before it’s “case closed”…

    1. Did it ever turn up, Patrick? I’m also wondering if I will ever see mine again……their system is criminal…

      1. After leaving our IPAD in the back seat pocket for seat 10A. I spent a total of 9 hours on the phone, low & behold I FOUND it! Turned in at the next stop for that plane Gainesville, FL. We have our IPAD back now & still getting the messages from Delta that they are trying to “locate our lost item.” What I learned in that 9 hours of call after after, very few Delta employee’s care enough, but luckily I found some, Christy at the Atlanta Airport, Delta’s Lost & Found was the BEST! Find the Ship # for the plane, & call every airport, mine was at the very next stop! Good Luck! Will not ever use another airplane seat pocket!!

  25. My son left my I Pad in a seat pocket today, told our flight attendant on next flight as we realized it right as the door was closed!! He was very nice and told me when we were up in the air h would give information to the Captain and see if he could radio it in, when he came I had all information as I knew exactly where it was left, attendant over him said they could NOT do that as they were not on that flight and have no control over what happened on another flight, REALLY! We left it! Have filed out my form and now guess the wait begins!!

  26. I forgot my laptop on a flight from JFK to BOS airports, on the 8th of March in the seat pocket, it had a black sticker on it, of a compass kind of thing… I filed a report with delta, and so far got an Email saying they are still looking for it. I really hope they find it, since that’s where i have all my work for university. I’m praying for the goodness of the human race to give me another chance, I really need my laptop back. Not only does it have my schools life work in it, but also a lot of personal stuff. I have no idea what to do if Delta doesn’t find it. and I only have 12 more days before my case is “CLOSED”. After the case is closed, is it possible to reopen it and have Delta keep on looking for it? I’m so desperate right now.

  27. Left my ipad in the back of the seat pocket 26E one week ago (Thursday May 21) on Delta flight 047 from Amsterdam to JFK. Realized it as soon as I passed through the international arrivals and could not go back inside. Tried to call airport to see if someone could run to the plane to retrieve it. I was given a number. I called and lost and found and was given a number. They hung up on me repeatedly. Then I filed a claim on the lost and found website for Delta. I keep getting emails but I am beginning to lose hope. Why is this so hard?

  28. I got my kindle paperwhite back after leaving it on a delta flight. I reported it the next day via their web form and got an email almost a week later! I also contacted Amazon and de-registered it, just incase! I am a happy flyer! I just need to pay for it to be sent to my friends in Virginia who will ask their english house guests to squeeze it into their luggage and fly it safely back to the UK!

  29. Just had to add our story. My husband flew from Jacksonville FL to Detroit about 2 years ago and left his iPad in the seat pocket. He realized it immediately and tried to go back for it. The gate attendant wouldn’t allow him back on but said they would send someone to look for it. After a few minutes he was told it wasn’t found and was sent to fill out loss report. Of course he assumed someone was watching him and when he didn’t retrieve it they swooped in and took it as they de-boarded. To make matters worse he had left his cell phone in his car at the airport in JAX. (I might add he was under the influence of cold medication and obviously wasn’t thinking clearly that day since he left two devices behind.) Since he didn’t have his cell he gave his managers phone number. 18 months ago he changed jobs and we relocated to another state. TODAY…2 years later he gets a call from a friend at his old job! Delta has apparently found his iPad and contacted his previous manager since that was the number provided. They requested an address to mail it to. We don’t know anymore than this so far. Don’t know where it was found or what condition it is in. It will be interesting to see if there is any explanation that accompanies its return. 2YEARS! That’s crazy.

  30. Nothing has changed since 2013 I see. Now I’m loosing hope too. I left my Samsung S4 mini phone on a delta flight. I got it as a gift from my husband on my wedding day 2 n half years ago. And then on my birthday last month he gifted me another phone. So I took out the sim card from the old phone and put it into my new phone. I used the older phone for nursery rhymes and stuff for my 10 month old son. I hadn’t taken out any pictures or stored them into my laptop yet. All my sons pictures and vdos of him starting to sit and crawl were in it. 😦 😦 I’m devastated. Last week we were returning from Orlando via Atlanta to St Louis. My son was fine for the first leg of the flight. But for the second he got air sick about half an hour before the descent into stl. And was uncontrollable and was throwing up all over my husband and I. I had the phone out earlier for trying to comfort him with his favorite rhymes. And in the chaos of his throwing up it slipped from my hand and fell but I couldn’t pick it up right then coz I was busy with my baby. I thought I would pick it up before getting off and I conveniently forgot about it. We were the last people to get off the plane. The cleaning crew was already on flight, waiting for us to go out and sympathizing looking at my son’s condition saying poor baby. I remembered 2 hours after reaching home that I forgot to look for it. And I tried calling every number bUT wasn’t office hours so couldn’t get in touch with anyone. I filed a report online. But I don’t know the serial number and it doesn’t have a sim card in it . Just a memory card with all my pictures siggghhhhh. .. the mistake I made was I should have gone to the airport right then but my baby was sleeping and I dint want to disturb him after the day he had. I called the very next day and spoke to always 10 people telling me the same thing to fill out a form. I went to the airport and to the delta baggage claim. The guy there was very nice and helpful. He took a description of the phone went and checked.. I was praying the whole time…. but came back and said it wasn’t there. He also said delta’s recovery rate was very high. Since then I already received an email saying that they are still looking.. I am just praying and waiting for someone to return it back somehow.. I just want my baby’s pictures and vdos. Those are priceless. I travelled on June 2nd and today is 8th june. Is there anything else I can do? I can’t travel to Atlanta anytime soon.

  31. Why can’t you find the galaxy note 4 Sampson phone that you already found put in lost and found and now you can’t find it

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