Developer’s SugarCRM book coming to a bookstore near you.

The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications is the book I have been working on this year, which offers a unique insight into the SugarCRM platform from me as a engineer at Sugar. I go into details on the nuts and bolts of how things work: MVC, metadata, web services, and more, and then show how to extend the platform to meet any organizations needs. In the end, the book really shows the power of SugarCRM to fit into any business as a more than just a CRM, but more as a platform for application development. It’s also special because it’s the only SugarCRM book on the market that is an official book for SugarCRM, bearing the company logo on the cover.

The book is available on Amazon using the link above.


10 thoughts on “Developer’s SugarCRM book coming to a bookstore near you.

  1. Hi it’s nice to have a second developer book on SugarCRM after the one published by Packt Publishing. I am reading it right now and I am waiting for the code to appear on the Appress site. Hopefully the book will get into the libraries also. 😉

  2. Thanks and looking forward to the response of this book. I continually like reading your blog and wants more to be written about this book at your blog. We at OSSCube feels proud to be SugarCRM GOLD partners and every achievement in the field of SugarCRM is achievement for us.

  3. The book covers the new features in 5.5, but most of the concepts should also apply to older versions. I try to point out if a feature is new in 5.5 or not.

  4. Is there anywhere we can go for clarification of the content in this book? I have recently purchased this and I am trying to follow your code examples. I find some of the discussion in the book very vague. Chapter 11 Designing a complete application listing 11-11 “reorder action in the Supplies Controller” Where would this file live and what is the application expecting it to be called?

    I appreciate the book and I have found a bit of direction but I am lost at this point. Please help me

    1. Would be happy to help out.

      For the ““reorder action in the Supplies Controller” Where would this file live and what is the application expecting it to be called?” question, the file would live in the modules/ep_Supplies/controller.php. This would be called when looking to route incoming requests to actions and/or views; check out chapter 2 for an idea on how a request happens.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply John. That was the piece that I was missing, I looked in CH2 but was unable to actually locate the correct path. Once again thank you for your help.

      2. John, Could I bother you again?
        I have been searching and seem to find the solution.
        I am running 6.5.15 CE on a lamp stack, I have created 2 custom modules in module builder and edited them in studio.
        Customers and orders, the orders module shows as a sub panel to the customers module. I have Global search working just fine with the customers module but not the orders module.
        I have added module and field names to the custom/modules/cb_orders/EXT/Vardefs/vardefs.php file and the custom/modules/cb_orders/metadata/searchfields.php file as shown in examples on the sugar forum and after a rebuild I still do not seem to be able to search that module.

        Could this be caused because of the one to many relationship (one-customers to many-orders)?

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