Taking my show on the road

In the movie “A Field of Dreams” it was “if you build it, they will come”. Well for me, it’s been more of “if you write it, they will come”, as I’ve been invited to speak at two upcoming conferences.

  • The 2009 DC PHP Conference, I’ll be presenting two talks: “PHP Optimization for Newcomers” and “Run Everything in your business on SugarCRM”. The first will give end users tips on getting started with PHP optimization, based upon lessons learned here at SugarCRM, and the second will be an overview of the Sugar developer platform.
  • Ontario Linux Fest 2009, I’ll be presenting the “Build Your Business on SugarCRM” talk, which will be similar to the “Run Everything in your business on SugarCRM” talk from the DC PHP Conference, but this time with a bit more emphasis on the application itself and the built-in tools for application development.

Both are really cool opportunities for me as a presenter and for SugarCRM to better reach folks out in the trenches. Hopefully there are more to come down the road. Thanks to both shows for giving me the opportunity to be there!

I’m also down to reviewing the last remaining chapters in my upcoming book “The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications”. More on that in the near-term future….


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